Daycare for

Dogs & Cats


Flexible hours to suit your schedule

7am – 7pm, Monday to Saturday

604 336 6111

dog in bathtub

Cheri, Stewart, Peggy and Sophie welcome you and your pets!

Located in the same building as Boundary Animal Hospital, we have quality facilities designed for pet care and grooming.  All of our staff have been trained and certified by DOGSAFE. Ask about what shots and health certificates are required for your pet to be accepted into Carey Pet Care.

Value is important – that’s why we charge only $3.00 per hour.  You can drop off your pet, go shopping, go to work, go to a movie and pay as you go.  Holiday coverage is also available (rsvp for your holiday plans/schedule).

Call and ask about our additional flex hours to suit your schedule.

Our phone number is easy to remember:

604 336 6111

Click on the slide show on this page to pre-view Carey Pet Care facilities.

Flexible hours to suit your schedule

Base hours 7am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday

RSVP for pet day care, Holiday coverage and Grooming rates

Our Convenient Location

Carey Pet Care Services, 3114 Boundary Road, Vancouver BC (free parking at back)

Same building as Boundary Animal Hospital

604 336 6111